Friedreich's Ataxia Resources
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School and Job Resources - U.S.

Work and school are considered major life activities and critical pieces to a quality, productive life for EVERYONE! People with disabilities are often unemployed or underemployed due to lack of advocacy or resources.
The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and Division of Blind Services (DBS) are federally mandated programs administered at the state level for every state in the US and US territories. They provide a vast number of services to maximize independence and assist individuals with obtaining part-time or full-time employment as well as self-employment options. Individuals must be seeking employment of some kind in order to qualify for services. Examples of services include home renovations for accessibility, educational scholarships, access to adaptive equipment and technology, as well as job placement assistance. The link below lists contact information regarding DVR for various states.

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) are located in every state with the mission of maximizing independent living for individuals with disabilities. They offer 5 core services that include advocacy, information and referral, independent living skills, peer support and mentoring, and transition. This agency offers unique programs for high school students specially to assist them with career exploration. Many locations also offer ramp building services to make homes more accessible for individuals in wheelchairs.

Each person with a disability is unique in their needs and often it is difficult to know or understand what accommodations are needed and available. The Job Accommodation Network offers information and ideas regarding accommodations in a school setting or at a work site.

Guide for Job Seekers & Workers with a Disability - https://www.moneygeek.com/careers/resources/workers-with-disabilities-and-ada/

Home-Based Care - U.S.

The following website provides information regarding Medicaid Waiver funding related to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). Not everyone will be eligible but this may be helpful for those individuals who need more intensive home-based care.

Accessibility Resources

Adapting a Home for Disability Accessibility - https://www.moneygeek.com/mortgage/resources/home-modification-for-disability/

Driving With a Disability: Vehicle Modifications & Insurance - https://www.moneygeek.com/insurance/auto/resources/people-with-disabilities/

A Guide to Home Renovations and Modifications for Individuals With Mobility Disabilities - https://generalcontractorlicenseguide.com/guide-to-home-renovations-and-modifications-for-people-with-mobility-disabilities/

A Guide for Moving to a New Home when a Family Member has a Vision Impairment - https://usselfstorage.com/self-storage/blog/moving-tips-for-those-with-visual-impairments

Fire Preparedness and Fire Safety in Your Home: A Guide for Individuals with Disabilities: - https://www.uphomes.com/blog/fire-preparedness.html

Reviews of adaptive products - https://dayundefined.com/

Bathroom accessories for people with disabilities - https://www.mrrooter.ca/about/blog/2020/september/helpful-bathroom-accessories-and-remodel-ideas-f/

Board Games and Audiobook resources for visually-impaired individuals - https://crossword-solver.io/low-vision-board-games/

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